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Historical Intelligence Databases

An absolute gem of 19th century espionage intrigue in Paris and the activities of the Tsarist intelligence agency the Okhrana.

The perfect organisation for an intelligence analyst to work for?

Every organisation has its political bias, its “commitment” towards some cause or other, and it is human nature for leaders (and followers) to drive an organisation towards a given goal utilising their other human strengths and weaknesses.

Challenging the consumer of intelligence

At some stage in every intelligence analysts life (and sometimes very frequently) the intelligence analyst is placed in a position where the consumer of the intelligence they are providing their product to holds firmly held views which are incorrect.  In some cases the consumer of intelligence is looking to the analysts to confirm their views,…

Creepy Data

There’s an excellent article here in the Guardian by Ben Goldacre on our modern digital exhaust. Well worth a read.  You want to know what creepy is? Well it’s this.

Sherman’s Geo-Int

Great article in the NYT about the intelligence maps used by General Sherman 150 years ago.

Deception and the Intelligence Analyst

Human nature is essentially to be credulous, and so, therefore intelligence analysts (who are mostly human) will be credulous and see patterns and links if they are told they are there.

The Gunpowder Plot – Terrorism?

Although at the time, and often since, the state naturally chose to portray the cell as terrorists, the plot is better understood as a coup attempt with an asymmetric element than as terrorism.

The Most Interesting Intelligence Story this Week.

Earlier this month four small commercial “off the shelf” UAVs simultaneously overflew four French nuclear reactors, hundreds of miles apart. Three other UAVs were spotted at different times over other nuclear sites. And no-one knows who did it.

Eating codes for dinner – SIGINT in the age of Semaphore

But between about 1794 and about 1846 there was extensive use of semaphore-like signalling that occurred on a national level and it is fascinating to look at the SIGINT techniques and opportunities that occurred.