About IMSL

We are here to help you maximise the effectiveness of exploitable intelligence to stay ahead of the game. We have the expertise to work on a very wide range of intelligence requirements, and we thrive on challenges!

We will enable you to move rapidly from data, to options, to confident and informed decisions.

Our approach is always to work with advanced technology to help you achieve your objectives, but it’s our specialist team of experts that really sets us apart. As intelligence professionals drawn from diverse backgrounds, we’re able to effectively apply our expertise across multiple sectors.


The relationship with our clients is led by clear and transparent communication throughout every stage of the process. We work closely with you and your team to determine your requirements, developing a comprehensive understanding of the challenges that your organisation faces. Our team will continue working with you until the capabilities of your organisation are fully supported or embedded, enabling you to maximise the effectiveness of your intelligence.

How we work:

Realisation of any operational intelligence capability requires the right people, processes and t
ools and IMSL can help in all three cases.

People: We can either train your people, embed our own personnel in your organisation, or provide you with an entirely outsourced intelligence service tailored to your precise requirements.

Processes: We are intelligence professionals with an extensive breadth of experience. We develop the processes and the management regime necessary to fulfil any intelligence capability requirement.

Tools: We use leading technology platforms, wherever appropriate, to significantly enable the efficient, rapid collection and analysis of information or data. We also develop in-house solutions dedicated to specific challenges.

Innovation: Wherever a new and difficult challenge arises, or there is a need for a greater vision, we consider we have some of the brightest minds in the intelligence community who are able to innovate and integrate novel processes and tools to solve the problems and lead to new capabilities.

Whatever your starting point or level of infrastructure and resources, we aim to provide the expertise and services to fulfil your intelligence needs.

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