IMSL Announces a Significant Appointment

By Web Team / 16 July 2013 / Company News

IMSL is pleased to announce it has secured the services of Steve Johnson as a Principal Consultant and IMSL’s CBRN lead.

Andy Green, IMSL CEO, said; “this is a significant appointment and the fact that we are able to attract personnel of the calibre of Steve reflects very well on our own credibility within the sector.”

Steve completed a successful military and Foreign Office career before embarking on a commercial and academic path – building on his extensive operational experience in leading CBRN research and providing consultancy.

His recent achievements include selection as the lead for the Forensic Investigation of Explosions and Explosives module at Cranfield University, and the theme leader for the Explosive Forensics MSc where he blends academic research with operational lessons. His current PhD, also at Cranfield, is on the forecasting of terrorist attacks for resource allocation. Steve continues the role of news editor for CBRNe World, the largest circulation CBRNE publication.

His extensive conference presentations and articles on CBRNE topics include the Interpol seminar on Chemical and Explosive Terrorism. He holds a number of positions on working groups in the US and Europe addressing standards in CBRNE. His first degrees at Cambridge were Classics and Oriental Studies, where he specialised in Arabic, North Africa and Middles Eastern Studies.