IMSL CBRN Practice Established

By Web Team / 21 February 2014 / Company News

IMSL is delivering expert CBRN consultancy and services to a range of clients including: Insurance Markets, Academia, International Committee of The Red Cross and the military.

Steve Johnson, CBRN Lead Consultant, said: “What’s proving interesting is the sheer range of clients IMSL is able to support with its cross cutting expertise. A strong CBRN capability is a natural development for IMSL as it complements the broader counter terror, counter crime and corporate intelligence skills sets of the Company. Equally satisfying, my roles in academia, as Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University, UK and on faculty at Georgetown University USA & Qatar are keeping me exercised intellectually and at the forefront of this complex subject.”

Andy Green, IMSL CEO, also commented that: “Steve has significantly strengthened IMSL’s core capability. The CBRN practice is invaluable both as a standalone specialism and as a critical component of our broader capabilities.”