IMSL Appointed as Regional Distributor in UK and Europe for Department 13 Counter-Drone Solution

By Web Team / 8 February 2016 / Company News, Insights

IMSL is a leading provider of Threat Intelligence Analysis, including Drone Threat Intelligence under its IKARUS programme. IMSL provides services to the insurance industry relating to technical threats, and has strong links to the defence and security industry.

Department 13 (D13) (ASX: D13) is pleased to announce the appointment of IMSL as its regional distributor in UK and Europe. IMSL provides D13 with direct access, knowledge and experience of the UK and European Defence and Security market for counter-drone security.

IMSL recently launched its IKARUS program to provide clients with reporting, analysis and consultancy relating to counter-drone security. IMSL has been servicing the European defence and security market since 2010. IMSL has strong links with the insurance industry where they provide threat response consultancy and associated analytical and security consultancy services to clients who must manage a range of complex technological risks, including counter-drone security.

Jonathan Hunter, CEO of D13 said “Our relationship with IMSL is strategic. Our customers will be offered an innovative Counter Drone solution. IMSL can now offer our Mesmer Counter Drone Solution to clients who use their IKARUS product, and we will be able to offer IKARUS to our customers who use Mesmer. Mesmer users will have updated information on the latest threat trends and advice that enables them to maximise the value of their investment in Mesmer.”

“Furthermore, the strategic relationship between IMSL and D13 allows us to offer IKARUS to our clients providing cutting edge analysis and intelligence of this dynamic issue. IMSL’s unique relationship with the insurance industry also provides opportunities to develop new markets, new products and new commercial opportunities.”

Andy Green, MD of IMSL, said, “We are pleased to establish this formal arrangement with Department 13. Our clients have been approaching us for advice on the highly dynamic threat from drones, and in teaming with D13 we will be able to provide them with what we regard as the only comprehensive package on the market – IKARUS threat awareness, corporate/organizational planning and technical countermeasures. That’s going to be a unique and compelling offering that has very significant potential. Also, our team has developed comprehensive technical methodologies for undertaking threat surveys, which is an essential first step in implementing a drone defence system. This arrangement will enable D13 to leverage these techniques when Mesmer comes to market.

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ABOUT Department 13 International Ltd

D13 was founded in Virginia in 2010 by a team of former military operators, scientists and engineers who apply proprietary innovative advanced technology to emerging requirements.

D13 is developing cutting edge software and communication systems that have the potential to transform the networking and communication fields as well as current applications in drone defense, mobile phone IT security and secure enhanced android phone systems.

D13 has 9 patents and 15 patent applications in the development of wireless protocol manipulation and communication networking software with applications in:

  • Drone defence;
  • Local area and wide area cellular communications and networking;
  • Enhanced data bandwidth for all digital communications
  • Cyber security for mobile devices;
  • Sophisticated applications in the RF environment (Radiometrics).

About IMSL

IMSL is a team of intelligence analysts and defence and security specialists operating in support of technology and insurance companies across the world. IMSL works with civil authorities, businesses and defence & security organisations, providing them with access to technical threat analysis and security consulting covering a range of technical threats. The IKARUS program (Intelligence Collection and Analysis Relating to UAV Security) is the only service of its kind offering comprehensive and up to date understanding of the dynamic nature of threats from UAVs. IMSL is headquartered in the UK and has offices in a number of other countries.