IMSL and DEPARTMENT 13 deploy innovation to counter drones

By Roger Davies / 2 August 2016 / Company News, Company Updates, Ikarus

IMSL and Department 13 are developing a synergistic approach to counter the threat posed by small Unmanned Air Systems (UAS), also known as drones. Drones are now reaching the consumer in massive numbers and, while the vast majority of users operate them in a legal and responsible manner, a growing number are using drones irresponsibly or for illicit purposes. They are being used by criminals for smuggling drugs and contraband items across borders and into prisons, for invasion of privacy, espionage and communications & information systems hacking and, by terrorists, for reconnaissance, attack and damage assessment purposes. There are also those members of the public who, by thoughtless and reckless use, pose hazards to aircraft operations and to the people, property and facilities they fly their drones over.

Our new IMSL IKARUS drone threat intelligence and analysis capability has been developed in order to provide a service, to governments and commercial entities, which monitors worldwide illegal and inappropriate use of drones (including 3rd-party adaptations), provides detailed analysis of modus operandi and a dynamic knowledge-base of commercially available drones and related information, all through an interactive web-app. Drone threats change rapidly, new technologies are applied and illicit users come up with new tactical methodologies – all of which we carefully track and analyse, providing insight, understanding and value to IMSL IKARUS subscribers. For further information or to subscribe to IMSL IKARUS please visit the IMSL IKARUS  web site.

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Our partners, Department 13 International Ltd are a cutting-edge company listed on the ASX who have developed an innovative, adaptable and highly effective counter-drone system, which is explained very clearly in this video:

Through partnering IMSL and Department 13 are now able to provide a combined offering of IMSL IKARUS and Mesmer to customers who need to mitigate and negate the threat posed by drones. Customers can thus both understand and assess the constantly changing nature of the drone threat through IMSL IKARUS and also deploy an effective counter to the threat by deploying Mesmer.

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As software based solutions both products are constantly updated to meet new and emerging drone threats. By working closely together in partnership Department 13 and IMSL are meeting the needs of customers with a mutual offering that provides a convincing, innovative and cost-effective counter-drone capability.

If you would like to discuss either of these, or both, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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