Now Live – IMSL IKARUS™ – Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Threat Intelligence & Analysis

By Web Team / 4 October 2016 / Company News, Insights

IMSL is pleased to announce that its market leading UAS (drones) threat, intelligence and analysis service, IMSL IKARUS (Intelligence Knowledge & Analysis Relating to UAS Security) is now fully live following a successful period of testing with key UK Government departments.

A leading innovator in the collection and use of Open Source information and the analysis of global threats, IMSL secured its first keystone clients for the innovative new service earlier this year. Andy Green, MD of IMSL, said at the time:

“Our new clients are now accessing, through a secure web application, a knowledge-base which tracks the occurrence of UAS security threats, analyses and compares these occurrences, and provides guidance and alerting to new, emerging or vectoring threats.”

The IMSL IKARUS multi-disciplinary team of weapons intelligence experts, security specialists, and open source analysts is led by our Principal Consultant, Pete Norton GC. Pete is a renowned specialist in technical threat analysis and intelligence and is a leading counter-terrorism consultant.

His team is using its expertise in Open Source collection and analysis, coupled with a deep understanding of the threat spectrum, to deliver this cutting-edge service. This response mirrors the growing concerns about the rapid increase in the availability and subsequent misuse of commercial and consumer drones.

IMSL IKARUS has been specifically tailored to provide its clients with dynamic, comprehensive and interactive assessments of the evolving threat posed by the misuse of such drones, in a secure, feature-rich, multimedia environment. This enables our clients to quickly retrieve the information they need, yet, should they wish, follow related subjects, events, reports and analyses to any desired level – obsoleting traditional 50 page pdf reports.

Our clients are also able to directly engage with our expert analysts from within IKARUS: submit Requests for Information and receive responses, driving the feedback loop of the Intelligence Cycle.

This highly responsive feedback system enables IMSL to ensure that the service can evolve to meet our clients’ requirements and remain at the market forefront. In turn, this enables our clients to retain the advantage against the fast-moving technological challenges and threats that organisations face in the modern, drone-prevalent, world.

Although designed as a discrete product IKARUS is also offered as the perfect complement to the Mesmer™ Counter-UAS capability from Department 13, thereby providing dynamic contextual threat awareness to users of that system.

IMSL IKARUS and Mesmer™ – “Understand the Threat – Detect the Threat – Mitigate the Threat”.