IMSL Professional Data Management and Analysis Services Now Available to All Industry Sectors

By Web Team / 18 March 2013 / Company News

IMSL is spreading its wings and making its expertise in data management and analysis available to public and private sector organisations outside of their traditional ‘Intelligence-Domain Community’.

Roger Davies, IMSL’s Director of Business Development, said: “We have received increasing interest from organisations that have nothing to do with the Intelligence Community in the classical sense. They have legacy databases and information resources that hold significant latent value and they want to exploit it in new ways. Additionally some want us to “layer” OSINT data on top of their data and we are producing some remarkable results for these clients, given our expertise in OSINT, and the management of it.”

Charles McMinn, the IMSL OSINT Bureau Chief says – “It seems that there are two sorts of clients in the non-traditional intelligence domain for our services.

The first want us to be a hammer – they have significant data that they have neither the analysts nor the IT infrastructure to process. We can take their data and process it with our powerful tools, providing it back to them in formats they can digest and exploit to make decisions.

Secondly there is the scalpel. Here an organisation that traditionally hasn’t had need of an analytical skills set has a very specific intelligence requirement; perhaps to support a specific project. They can outsource this to IMSL to provide very specific results, using our OSINT and analytical capabilities.”

IMSL has built a formidable capability in processing and analysing almost any data source to produce high value exploitable results. As already explained, our experts are able to apply these skills to essentially any industry or sector, whether the outcome is regarded as intelligence or not. We have world-class technology to support these services and our creativity, flexibility and agility seems to suit organisations that need to rapidly capitalise on those insights currently locked away within their own resources. To complete the offering, we also develop effective capture plans for sustained forward data collection.

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