The Intelligence & Analysis School by IMSL Provides Easy Access to Training for All

By Web Team / 24 February 2015 / Company News

Aimed at every organisation that needs highly capable analysts – whether local government, public bodies, academia or corporates – IMSL is now providing a scheduled range of focussed intelligence domain training courses that are available for direct booking through this website.

IMSL has been providing high quality intelligence domain training since we first opened our doors four years ago. To date, our courses have been designed to specific customer requirements; often in classified or sensitive environments. But we are now making our in-depth intelligence and analysis domain knowledge and experience available to a much wider audience through a range of off-the-shelf, scheduled courses provided by our brand new Intelligence & Analysis School.

Many organisations need highly capable analysts to generate intelligence product that supports decision making, but there is no traditional path to acquiring the fundamental tradecraft skills that will empower them. Often they are expected simply to use their common sense; which is less than satisfactory. An understanding of the fundamental tenets of the intelligence process, as well as some tricks of the trade, will make those analysts significantly more efficient and effective. So we have opened the IMSL Intelligence & Analysis School to fill this gap and make the experience of our professional intelligence practitioners more readily available to all.

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