How maps can change our perspectives

By Roger Davies / 24 August 2012 / Data Manipulation, Intel Analysis, Technology

Panjandrum’s blog post, below, about our predilection for base 10, and the fact that other analysis using different bases can throw up useful insights got me thinking, as usual.  Another cognitive predilection is maps, and maps are pretty important for intelligence analysts. Yet maps drawn in interesting ways can startle us into thinking in different ways.   We are pretty used to standard two dimensional Mercator projections on maps and google earth type images. But it doesn’t have to be this way.   Here’s a personal collection of links to some thought provoking maps:

There are lots of other maps discussed on the strange maps blog too.

The big map blog has some great historical maps.  Once section is devoted to “birdseye” maps – what the world did before google earth, I guess.

Be wary. I promise you if you start looking at the big maps blog you’ll not surface for several hours.   The military maps alone are jaw dropping.  Here’s my favourite, an interesting Victorian pseudo-visual map of Afghanistan, as if taken from a large mountain in Pakistan. Note to the two red-coated British soldiers in the foreground trying to decide which route in they will take (Don’t do it, guys!)

Some more:

Finally, since it’s Friday, a very very rude map, NSFW.



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