Fbi, Svbeev and Norwich

By Roger Davies / 19 June 2014 / Humour?, Social Media

Interesting article here about social media acronyms, and the importance for analysts to understand them.   I love the little dig at the FBI  after they produced a dossier for intelligence analysts listing the meaning of social media acronyms – “most of us manage just fine with Google, but these people can’t resist a good dossier”.

I’m reminded of the generational gap and dynamic evolution of such private codes. One amusing example was that once LOL meant “lots of love”, whereas now it means “laugh out loud”.  So, as someone really did not so long ago, on hearing about a marital break up and sending condolences, they sent the message “Sorry to hear about your divorce. Thinking of you. LOL”

( I lolled when I heard that one, anyway)

Of course, us middle aged people remember when acronyms were common, and texting acronyms are just the latest variant. We might not be old enough to remember SVBEEV  (the article at the link spells the acronym wrong!), but I usually smile when I remember the old soldier’s acronym, written on the back of the envelope when writing home to his loved one. NORWICH!

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