Social Media Expertise

By Roger Davies / 12 March 2013 / Humour?

Two IMSL employees. But which one is the OSINTer?

There were these three IMSL employees – Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and a Social Media Expert. One day after a hard day in the IMSL office they went down to a local bar. Santa Claus goes up to the bartender and asks for a margarita. The Easter Bunny goes up and asks for a pint of best bitter. The Social Media Expert asks for a glass for merlot. The bartender sets to work, puts the margarita on the bar (rocks and salt), pulls a pint of Timothy Taylor’s best bitter and walks away. Santa Claus sees him walking away and says “Hey what about the drink for our social media expert?”  The bartender looks at him strangely and says – “What? everyone knows that a social media expert doesn’t exist!”


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