Intelligence Specialisms.

By Panjandrum / 13 December 2012 / Humour?

There’s some interesting commentary on Roger’s post below about intelligence specialisms. It does occasionally appear that you can put anything in front of ‘int’ and claim it as a specialism – and the obscurer it is, the more likely it is that you can be an expert in it.

So naturally, I’ve taken this to its natural conclusion and formed 10 new intelligence disciplines, which I have listed below. Naturally I’m the world’s number one expert in all of them…

“Zulus Sir. Thousands of them. No wait, on second thoughts, I may be mistaken.”

  • Cigint – Intelligence derived from smoking cigarettes around the back of the office.
  • Sprint – Timely intelligence.
  • Skint – Intelligence collected on the cheap.
  • Varmint – Intelligence concerning small furry animals.
  • Taint – Intelligence which only works at the weekend.
  • Print – Intelligence found on top of the photocopier.
  • Misprint – Intelligence from our fat-fingered brethren.
  • Spearmint  – Intelligence collected by gentlemen in clubs. Ahem.
  • Footprint – It’s elementary, my dear Watson.
  • Quaint – Intelligence concerning the location and disposition of garden gnomes.

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