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Instant Terrorism Analysis

For most of the last 30 years, I have been an avid consumer of press reports of terrorist incidents.  Such reports are just part of the “open source” intelligence landscape and yesterday’s bomb explosion in Bangkok, is just another set of news stories in this long sad line.     Today those news stories are…

Deja Vu, UFO

Last week the Economist published this article noting a possible correlation from US UFO reporting data between the consumption of alcohol and the sightings of UFOs.  (That’s the humans that may have been drinking not the aliens, we suppose.) Now, avid readers of this blog may remember that back in March 2012, the one and only…

Bin Laden’s Operational Concerns

Yesterday the US Government released to the public details of documents seized from Usama Bin Laden’s hide-out in Abbottabad.  One section of these are translations of letters, and they are most intriguing. One of the interesting aspects is Bin Laden’s concerns about OPSEC.  Now, in of itself, thats no surprise.  I’ve read through the translated…

The Most Interesting Intelligence Story this Week.

Earlier this month four small commercial “off the shelf” UAVs simultaneously overflew four French nuclear reactors, hundreds of miles apart. Three other UAVs were spotted at different times over other nuclear sites. And no-one knows who did it.

Who Needs TECHINT?

That’s a really important thing to grasp. MH-17 entered the range of a SA-11 weapons system in circumstances when one wouldn’t trust the man on the trigger.

The Cuckoo in the Nest

What once was Syria and Iraq is now turning into a something very strange and dangerous.  ISIS, having surprised people by its rapid seizure of western Iraq, is now surprising us in other ways.  They are a dangerous beast and this is why: In many ways they are more radical than Al Qaeda.  These are…

The Beat of the Drum

There’s a very good article here, from the Atlantic, about ISIS’s extremely sophisticated social media. A few year’s ago all the talk was how the Israeli Defence Force optimised social media before their last big Gaza push. But the sophistication of the ISIS social media goes well beyond that.  So called sophisticated western technologically advanced…

Prison Codes

An interesting article here which highlights the importance of an intelligence function within prisons.

Maths and Statistics of Spies and Terrorism

Good  item from “More or Less” a year ago, but just a relevant today.  It’s worth a listen as it discusses the weaknesses of surveillance operations, due to the “rareness” of terrorists and the implications to surveillance legislation.