Fascinating Future War Threat Survey

By Roger Davies / 6 March 2012 / Other

Foreign Policy magazine has conducted a very interesting survey about perceptions of future war, available here.  There’s some intriguing stuff and some good quotes here, notably:

  • “We have had only one fighter shot down by an enemy fighter jet in 40 years. We simply don’t need to spend over a trillion on a new fighter at this point”
  • Pakistan as equal top of countries that concerns people most as a national security threat
  • The fact that concern over North Korea has plummeted  from 30% to 4 % in the last year

Not unreasonably the survey participants are just about all US citizens. There’s an odd mix of former politicos, commentators, retired soldiers, academics and journalists so one shouldn’t necessarily draw the conclusion that this survey represents the views of a country or a government or the military.

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