Surf’s up.

By Roger Davies / 8 March 2012 / Other

I’m reading a fascinating book “The Information” by James Glieck.  It’s a great read and explores some important ideas to explain where we are today and where we have come from in terms of understanding language, data and communications.

Sometimes people ask me why I got involved in IMSL and this book pretty much explains it. The thing is that 99.9% of the world’s data has been created in the last ten years. That’s quite remarkable when you think about it.  I think as a race we humans are just turning a corner and we have been through the evolutionary and cultural development of being “Hunter-Gatherers” to “Farmers”, and on to “Industrial Manufacturers”. Now is the time for another step in our development and that is as users and consumers of information.   We have accelerated our production of data hugely in a logarithmic fashion in the last few years, and our ability to collect , interpret and analyse that information is just beginning to catch up.  In the big picture, that’s very exciting and a huge opportunity.  This is hugely dynamic and it’s the biggest wave I’ve ever surfed.  Think of IMSL as the provider of surf board wax in this new age of information….

Get out there and get paddling.

2 comments on “Surf’s up.

  1. Muso

    Roger, fantastic statistic. Can you clarify that you are referring to data literally as one’s and zero’s recorded in storage media?

    I would hate to think that all of mankind’s actual knowledge and understanding have only been created in the last 10 years – 🙂

    I guess the real significance is in the present ease of access to information but complicated by how the proverbial needle of importance is to be found in an exponentially growing haystack of irrelevance – would you agree?


  2. Roger Davies Author

    I’ve replied to Muso’s commet in a new blog post “It’s not big data, it’s enormous”


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