Weapons Technical Intelligence in the 19th century

By Roger Davies / 4 October 2012 / Other

Here’s a multi media presentation on historical intelligence relating to IEDs.  Worth seeing in full screen mode

2 comments on “Weapons Technical Intelligence in the 19th century

  1. Dr. Edwin A. Bundy

    A fascinating presentation. Roger has clearly demonstrated why it is so critical to examine historical events and perspectives. As Roger so eloquently points out, people have been engaged in counter-IED operations for centuries, and even though both threat and defeat technologies have changed significantly, investigation and non-technical analysis (field-forensics if you will) are fundamentally the same.

    I would also like to add that it is important to recognize the necessity of experts in the field, like Roger, who have the passion and commitment to research historic events. I fear that too often we take individuals who are good intelligence analysts, but who have a cursory understanding of the complexities associated with IEDs and their use, and expect these individuals to provide expert-level advice to decision makers. At some point we need to acknowledge that it is one thing to collect data, and quite another to make sense of that data, and then translate it into usable form by non-experts.

    Well done Roger!

    Ed B.


    1. Roger Davies Author

      Thank you Ed. There’s quite a bit more historical stuff over on http://www.standingwellback.com, if you are interested.


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