Intensive Intelligence Analysis Course – 6th – 10th July.

IMSL has long provided bespoke intelligence training to both public and private sector organisations on an ad-hoc basis, but until now those courses have been restricted to organisations which can block-book a classroom. That’s just changed, and in a little under a month, IMSL is running the first of a series of scheduled intelligence related…

Elephants and Intelligence Systems

The World Bank has produced an interesting report, looking at the intelligence systems required to to work towards the prevention of elephant crime

Bin Laden’s Operational Concerns

Yesterday the US Government released to the public details of documents seized from Usama Bin Laden’s hide-out in Abbottabad.  One section of these are translations of letters, and they are most intriguing. One of the interesting aspects is Bin Laden’s concerns about OPSEC.  Now, in of itself, thats no surprise.  I’ve read through the translated…

Scrap Metal Spies

A WW2 TECHINT operation by the British in a neutral country- scrap merchants and spies, and a sunken battleship.

Historical Intelligence Databases

An absolute gem of 19th century espionage intrigue in Paris and the activities of the Tsarist intelligence agency the Okhrana.

The perfect organisation for an intelligence analyst to work for?

Every organisation has its political bias, its “commitment” towards some cause or other, and it is human nature for leaders (and followers) to drive an organisation towards a given goal utilising their other human strengths and weaknesses.

Challenging the consumer of intelligence

At some stage in every intelligence analysts life (and sometimes very frequently) the intelligence analyst is placed in a position where the consumer of the intelligence they are providing their product to holds firmly held views which are incorrect.  In some cases the consumer of intelligence is looking to the analysts to confirm their views,…

Creepy Data

There’s an excellent article here in the Guardian by Ben Goldacre on our modern digital exhaust. Well worth a read.  You want to know what creepy is? Well it’s this.

Sherman’s Geo-Int

Great article in the NYT about the intelligence maps used by General Sherman 150 years ago.