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Drones, Cyber and IED Threats

Today we are faced with three technologies that are changing the way warfare and crime (against the state or otherwise) can be prosecuted. These technologies are related to Drones, Cyber and IEDs.

Instant Terrorism Analysis

For most of the last 30 years, I have been an avid consumer of press reports of terrorist incidents.  Such reports are just part of the “open source” intelligence landscape and yesterday’s bomb explosion in Bangkok, is just another set of news stories in this long sad line.     Today those news stories are…

Repeat bombings

At IMSL, we have been developing some analysis with regard to the characterisation of terrorist targets.

Technical Intelligence and Radio Controlled Bombs

The title of this post may have drawn you here under false pretences. I’m not writing about classified Tech Int aspects of radio controlled IEDs. But, as ever, a little dive into history usually provides us with forgotten lessons. So this piece is about the TECHINT operations to defeat German WW2 guided bombs and early cruise missiles used to attack Allied shipping convoys. For those of you familiar with IED jammer technology and “CREW” and the modern TECHINT operations associated with that battle, I think you’ll get some deja vu! As ever, we tend to view the challenges of today through an odd prism, assuming we are the first to face such issues, not appreciating that the challenges we face have usually occurred in the past, if we look hard enough.


I’ve written before about some historical technical intelligence operations , including the WW2 technical intelligence operations surrounding Nazi V1 and V2 rockets. Here’s a parallel story about the capture of U-Boat U-505 and the operation which resulted in significant crypto and technical intelligence

Rubber Intelligence and “tiebrapolnud”

This is another post in the series looking at statistical analysis and its surprisingly useful role in intelligence. You might find statistics unattractive as an area of study – I hope to change your mind if you are an intelligence analyst.  Once again I’m looking at WW2 historical experience, because the innovative processes utilised have…

R V Jones and “crowd-sourced” intelligence from WW2

I’m re-reading RV Jones’s description of British technical intelligence activities in WW2 “Most Secret War“, and was reminded of an excellent and innovative use of what perhaps today we would call “crowd-sourced” intelligence.  One of the projects Jones was responsible for was developing technical intelligence of German radar systems.  Some of these systems were relatively…

New Atlantis & an Early Vision of Technical Intelligence

Francis Bacon was a philosopher, politician, lawyer and scientist who lived between 1561 and 1626. At one stage he was clearly involved with the Elizabethan spymaster, Francis Walsingham. Bacon should be particularly remembered for the creation of the formal ‘scientific method’, the rigourous process by which all modern science should be dealt with. Isaac Newton…

Quote “Crow’s Law” Unquote

Do not believe what you want to believe until you know what you ought to know. A quote favoured by R V Jones

More V2 Technical Intelligence Operations

In earlier blog posts here and here  I discussed some of the Technical Intelligence operations associated with the V2 rocket system of  WW2. I have continued digging and unearthed some other aspects associated with the  V2 secretly recovered from Sweden, that was cross linked to the exploitation of the one recovered by the Polish resistance.…