Insights: Technology

Drones, Cyber and IED Threats

Today we are faced with three technologies that are changing the way warfare and crime (against the state or otherwise) can be prosecuted. These technologies are related to Drones, Cyber and IEDs.

Yesterday’s Social Media Operations

Social Media Intelligence is all the rage, and of course the modern world is astounded at the ability of spectators to film incidents as they occur, and post them on YouTube or elsewhere for all to see. IMSL are doing some interesting work in examining the “lives” of videos posted on YouTube and other social media,…

Open Source Intelligence: What is that again?

Twenty years ago, OSINT meant reading the newspaper. Ten years ago, OSINT meant browsing the web. What does OSINT mean today? Using commercially available tools I can do the following things: Task an individual on the ground to answer a specific question or provide imagery. (See this article for further details – Sites such as MoboQ, or…

Smarter than you think

New technological tools are changing the way that fundamental intelligence analysis is done – it’s more than an efficiency improvement – it’s radical.

Who Needs TECHINT?

That’s a really important thing to grasp. MH-17 entered the range of a SA-11 weapons system in circumstances when one wouldn’t trust the man on the trigger.

Technical Intelligence and Radio Controlled Bombs

The title of this post may have drawn you here under false pretences. I’m not writing about classified Tech Int aspects of radio controlled IEDs. But, as ever, a little dive into history usually provides us with forgotten lessons. So this piece is about the TECHINT operations to defeat German WW2 guided bombs and early cruise missiles used to attack Allied shipping convoys. For those of you familiar with IED jammer technology and “CREW” and the modern TECHINT operations associated with that battle, I think you’ll get some deja vu! As ever, we tend to view the challenges of today through an odd prism, assuming we are the first to face such issues, not appreciating that the challenges we face have usually occurred in the past, if we look hard enough.

Demeter’s Debrief: This Week’s 5 Must-read #bigdata Stories

“Data is the new soil” – David McCandless Demeter: Greek goddess beloved for her gifting of the harvest, the reward for cultivation of the soil 5. How Big Data Will Transform Coaching In The NBA (Bleacher Report). “…(a coach) glances down at his wrist to consult an electronic device. The tablet is running an app…

Supply chain security needs supply chain intelligence

One of the peculiarities of IMSL is that 3 of the 5 person senior management team are professional logisticians as well as intelligence professionals . The two skills sets are surprisingly complementary, not least in one area of activity for the IMSL Intelligence Laboratory.  Here’s a good article explaining the global problem of understanding the…

Interpreting scenes of crime – new developments at IMSL

One of the pot-boiler projects within the IMSL Intelligence Laboratory is related to a very interesting concept and I want to expose a little of it here. The project is looking at the context of a crime scene, a terrorist incident or other event from a multi-layered geographic and tactical context. This is quite a…