What is it like to work at IMSL?

IMSL is a young and ambitious company doing very interesting work. We’re at the cutting edge of the intelligence world, developing new concepts, delivering innovative training and conducting intelligence analysis in interesting ways for some remarkable clients.

As the intelligence world is changing rapidly, it is imperative that we meet the new challenges it brings with fresh ideas, and crucially, it is our people who develop them. We don’t just ask our analysts to innovate, we insist on it. You will experience more freedom of action, flexibility, and encouragement to try new ideas than with most other employers. We value our team, and we trust them.

Our people are doing work that really makes a difference. They also enjoy the benefit of flexible working locations (dependent on operational demands), including international travel for certain roles, and our ongoing support and training provides plenty of opportunity for personal development.

Intelligence is about making a difference that can change the face of the battlefield, or the business landscape. If the ability to make such a difference is important to you, then contact us to discuss career opportunities.