Intel-Lab Developments


Innovation is fundamental to our problem solving approach, and to the continuous improvement of our services. To provide a creative environment for this innovation, we have established an in-house R&D focus called the IMSL Intel-Lab.

The purpose of the Lab is both to experiment with emerging technologies, and to develop new tools and processes in-house to improve intelligence capabilities; such as collection, analysis and visualisation.

This R&D capability allows our creative staff to explore new ideas, optimise processes, and think about doing things in new ways.

Understanding that necessity is the mother of invention, the Lab concentrates on the immediate needs of our clients while continuously driving our efficiency, accuracy, and analytical capability to better support them.

Some examples of the Lab’s work

The Lab has developed new software tools, we have integrated a number of intelligence processes related to collection and entity extraction, developed new social media analysis techniques, and implemented new methods of analysis delivery as part of a visible and auditable intelligence cycle. We have also successfully explored and developed novel techniques for crowd-sourcing information.

A recent example involves the geolocation of physical entities such as buildings. We undertook a project for a client to identify several hundred thousand categorised buildings and structures, and separately carried out a study of geolocated entities associated with the UK National Health Service. Through these projects, the Lab re-investigated how to optimise the collection of such wide ranges of disparate geolocating data, categorising them, running quality controls, and presenting them to clients in different formats.

By integrating new geographic information system tools, web-scraping tools, and new sources of data we have optimised our service, which can be offered as a focused package to a variety of customers. We can cleanse your geolocation data, gather data on new entities, and present the output information in exploitable ways.

Contact us to discuss how the Intel-Lab can be of assistance to your organisation.