Intelligence Bureau Applications

All Source Analysis & Fusion

Analysis is the key differentiator between raw data or information and actionable intelligence. As information or data is frequently acquired from multiple sources, it is imperative to fuse the details to enrich the resulting intelligence.

The Intelligence Bureau comprises a team of highly skilled analysts able to apply their extensive experience, intellect and tradecraft to a broad spectrum of analysis challenges across multiple industries and applications, commercial and security oriented.

It can be a daunting challenge to analyse large volumes of data, which may be distributed across multiple, potentially incompatible, silos. The IB is equipped with industrial strength enterprise data infrastructure and leading intelligence technology platforms, enabling us to deliver high quality results quickly.

In some ways this application of the IB is common to all of the work we undertake, but it is also available discretely for those who already possess all of the data but require a high quality, rapid analysis service.

The work can be performed either at IMSL’s facilities, or within your organisation where data access or security measures require it.