Intelligence Bureau Applications

Data Analytics / Data as a Service (DaaS)

Faced with the challenges large volumes of disparate data can bring, it is now possible to turn to IMSL to provide a data analytics service that combines data science and analysis tradecraft to extract the value you need from your data.

Taking into account the volume, velocity, variety and veracity factors relating to the data and usage requirements, we are able to address conventional analysis problems through our industrial strength enterprise systems and processes. But we can also address ‘wicked-problems’, i.e. where established methods don’t yet have the ability to solve new challenges, by taking an innovative and expedient approach through the use of novel solutions, wherever this is appropriate.

The term Data as a Service (DaaS) has been coined recently, and this is a useful way to describe the service we provide. You provide us with your data, defining the outputs required, and we undertake the analytics to achieve your goals using our experience and technology.

We have found that there are two types of client in the civil, community and business sectors. The first want us to be a ‘hammer’ – they have significant data that they have neither the analysts nor the IT infrastructure to process. Here we can take their data and process it with powerful tools; providing it back to them in formats they can digest and use to make decisions. Secondly, there is the ‘scalpel’. Here an organisation that traditionally hasn’t had need of an analytical skills set has a very specific intelligence requirement; often to support a specific project.

Where a task requires additional or sustained data collection, we are able to develop collection plans and processing methods, combining these with expert advice and training, ensuring your organisation is well-equipped for future demands.

The Data Analytics or DaaS delivery is realised either through a fully outsourced service, or by embedding IMSL personnel within your own organisation – or a flexible combination of both.