Intelligence Bureau Applications

Threat & Risk Profiling & Monitoring

Many industries require some form of threat or risk profiling and monitoring capability to inform strategic, and operational decision making. Examples include pipeline security in the energy sector, supply chain security for manufacturing, and the insurance sector requires detailed target and threat data to calculate insurance premiums and liabilities.

Governments’ security infrastructures require national and global threat information and, while it’s easy to assume all threats are already monitored by the major agencies, this is a continuously evolving requirement as the threat actors innovate at a rapid rate, requiring novel threat insights to be developed equally quickly.

Through our Intelligence Bureau we provide a profiling and monitoring service that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Reporting is provided in your preferred format and at a frequency to suit your needs; whether that is one-off or periodic static report, or is delivered through a dynamically iterative area within a secure online environment. Similarly, we support data formats that can be ingested by your internal IT infrastructure.

Our IB personnel are highly experienced intelligence practitioners with a strong pedigree in threat and risk profiling and monitoring. We apply significant technological horsepower to advanced tradecraft throughout the intelligence cycle to rapidly produce relevant, insightful, actionable intelligence.