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Intelligence & Analysis Skills

Introduction to Intelligence

A foundation course giving a broad base of understanding concerning principles, concepts and existing intelligence structures and doctrines. Starting with the intelligence cycle and looking at each element in turn – tailored to the requirements of the industry concerned. 3-5 days.

Intelligence Management

A comprehensive course covering the formulation and day-to-day management of an intelligence function, tailored to the requirement of the students’ organisation. 5-15 days.

Analytical Techniques

What is analysis and how do we set about doing it? Looks at more than a dozen specific analytical techniques, with practical exercises and tips and tricks to improve outcomes. 3-5 days.

Be a Better Analyst / Cognitive Biases

A course designed to highlight those elements that cause the analytical process to falter or fail within an intelligence organisation. Covers cognitive biases, heuristics, logical fallacies as well as the impact of organisational structure and personality types on the intelligence/analytical process and application to tradecraft. Also the impact of extraneous factors such as distraction, sleep deprivation and so on. 2-3 days.

Analytical Tools / Technology & Intelligence

What tools are there on the market, what are their key selling points, and what are their strengths and weaknesses? What common pitfalls need to be considered? – Includes practical hands-on experience with at least two cutting edge collection tools and two cutting-edge analytical tools. 3-5 days.

Better Dissemination

Choosing the right method of dissemination, practical guidance on oral briefing and writing different kinds of intelligence reports. Looking at new and innovative ways of delivering intelligence. 2-3 days.

Intelligence Cell Experience

A hands-on, practical exercise where students move between different roles within an intelligence cell in order to gain experience and better understand the challenges of different roles, and gain insight into how intelligence organisations function. 2-3 days.

Recruiting, Retaining & Managing Your Analytical Workforce

The human element is key to making intelligence work. This course examines where to find analysts and how to overcome the specific challenges those analysts provide their employers. 2-3 days.

UK National Intelligence Model

What the UK NIM is, how it works, how to go about implementing it, potential difficulties, key analytical products. 2-3 days.

Presenting Intelligence in Court

How to present your intelligence in a legal setting. What the law requires of you, common pitfalls, tips and techniques. Practice experience in a mock court. 2-3 days.

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