Defence & Security

IMSL is underpinned by a dedicated team of intelligence professionals from military and law enforcement backgrounds, all of whom possess a great depth of practical intelligence operations management experience.

Always applying the highest degree of professionalism, we are proud to work with governments across the world, aiding them in their fight against terrorism and crime in the interests of their domestic and national security.

Working on the principle of empowering people through expertise, advanced technology and leading intelligence community practice, we provide a range of intelligence capabilities and services. We believe that expert people are the most important component of an intelligence capability, but access to the world’s most advanced collection and analytical tools gives us a distinct advantage too.

Our deliverables are intelligence people, services and products. But we also understand how to implement the organisational transformation essential to combating the rapid development of contemporary techniques and technologies available to insurgents, terrorists, and criminals. We provide expertise to support or lead such capability projects.

We provide open and honest advice regarding our ability to add value to your operation, whether through a capacity development programme, training, the appropriate deployment of technology, provision of security cleared, supporting field personnel or open source intelligence products.

You can review our standard services, but if you require something different then we will be pleased to discuss your needs under appropriate security requisites.

Who are our customers?

Our clients work in the military, national security agencies, and law enforcement. Typical applications we employ to assist our customers in their requirements can (but are not limited to) include the following:

  • Criminal investigations
  • Threat analysis and monitoring
  • Risk analysis and monitoring
  • Counter terror operations
  • Military operations

Speak directly to an intelligence expert to find out how we can help you